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Transforming Landscapes – The Art and Beauty of Aesthetic Grass

The concept of aesthetic grass plays an integral part in modern landscaping. Stipped grasses or well-maintained lawns blend beauty, functionality, and environmental consciousness. Grass, in its various forms, including natural and artificial turf, contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics of outdoor spaces. From the lush green carpets of lawns to the low maintenance convenience of artificial grass, the choices are diverse and impactful. Each type, tall fescue or fine fescue, brings its unique shade, texture, and …


How to Duct Heat from a Wood Burning Stove?

The long, cold months could be dreadful without a promise of warmth. Many families rely on different tools- the wood-burning stove is one of the reliable options. However, the challenge most users face is optimizing the distribution of warmth throughout their homes. It’s not about keeping the vent door open or closed.  The solution lies in understanding how to duct heat from a wood-burning stove, which enhances efficiency while ensuring every room is touched by the stove’s cozy embrace. This process enables you to channel the heat from your wood-burning stove …


POST Houston’s OMA Entertainment Center

OMA, a New York-based design firm, is transforming this historical post office in Houston into an art and music facility. The new facility is billed as “one of the world’s largest rooftop playgrounds and gardens.”
The firm intends to transform the city’s disused Post Office at 401 Franklin Street into a blended cultural venue. The new complex, known as POST, will include cultural venues, entertainment areas, creative workstations, eateries, and stores.


Rice University in Texas will Have a Student Center Designed by Adjaye Associates

Adjaye Associates is designing an outdoor amphitheater for Rice University’s woodland location in Houston, Texas. The three-story structure, which is set to open in 2023, will substitute the university’s current student hub.
Adjaye Associates’ plan, which includes a striking rooftop theater, is expected to become the new core of the 121-hectare site. The new building will coexist with a multicultural center that promotes student diversity and integration.


Steven Holl’s Houston Arts Museum

Opaque glass tubes meet curving ceilings in this art institution designed by American architect Steven Holl for the Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts. The structure is divided into parts with curved roofs. This allows sunlight to enter the galleries within the 164,000 square-foot structure.
The Texas sky stretches 180 degrees just above the dazzling canopy surrounding the new skyscraper, according to Steven Holl Architects. Concave shapes inspired by cloud circles push down on the rooftop structure, letting natural light enter with precision, ideal for top-lit …


Houston’s POST Renovation

Architecture firm OMA has finished the first stage of renovating a former US Postal Service facility in metropolitan Houston into a multi-purpose hotspot. Houston’s POST communal places debuted in November 2021, within a 500,000-square-foot enclosed mail-sorting warehousing and office complex.